About Oak Hill Elementary

Oak Hill Elementary (OHE) School was established in 1974, with the stated mission of preparing each child for life and challenging each child to achieve. Children in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth are taught in a loving, structured and stimulating environment. When your child enters Oak Hill Elementary, you can be assured that they will be nurtured in both academic and social areas, with a focus on a well-rounded curriculum that sets them up for a lifetime of learning. 

Why Oak Hill Elementary? 

Oak Hill Elementary exists to:

  • Prepare each child for life
  • Challenge each child to achieve

We believe in:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Respect for diversity and cultural differences
  • Fostering a love of learning in our children
  • Challenging each child to achieve his or her full potential

Oak Hill Elementary has a committed staff of teachers and administrators who focus on both academics and social aspects of learning. OHE provides opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential, while respecting the needs and interests of each student.

Oak Hill Elementary is also known for having outstanding parent and community involvement; many of the great programs that occur at OHE are parent-led and managed.  It’s the interaction of the community and the involvement of many that truly makes the school special.