Campus Advisory Committee

Oak Hill Elementary Campus Advisory Council (CAC)


Each public school campus in Texas is required by state law to have a CAC (Texas Education Code §11.251). The mission of CACs is to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation. CACs provide valuable input to principals, who ultimately have decision-making responsibility for their campuses.


Specific functions of CACs include providing review and comment on:

  • Campus Educational Program
  • Campus Performance
  • Campus Improvement Plan
  • Campus Staff Development Plan
  • Campus-Level Waiver Requests to the State
  • Campus Budget


 2021-2022 CAC members:

  • Lori Komassa, Principal 
  • Joan Hamelwright, Co-Chair 
  • Kate Fyda, Co-Chair 
  • Natalie Kelly, PTA President
  • Rabecca Cross, Parent Representative 
  • Jennifer Carter, Parent Representative 
  • Alison Talbert, Parent Representative 
  • Linnett DeCarli, Special Education Representative 
  • Veronica Rolon, Faculty Representative 
  • Paul Cumings, Faculty Representative 
  • Stacey Underwood, Faculty Representative 
  • Lila Holmes, Classified Representative
  • Gene Wright, Community Representative
  • Stacey Cook, Business Representative