Volunteer Requirements

Room Parents

Room parents are the key to effective communication at OHE! We would like all parents that can volunteer in the classroom to be a team and work together to best help our students. In order to be effective with communications, if there are multiple parents signed up to be a room parent, we request that they discuss among themselves to provide the room parent coordinator and the teacher one point of contact. This parent will the head room parent but will work with other parents in the classroom to get tasks organized and completed.

Head room parents are the liaison between the teacher and the other parents in the classroom. Head room parents are responsible for keeping the class parents informed, for getting sign ups for various tasks in the classroom, for delegating/organizing the class parties and for staffing and running their class booth at the school PTA carnival in the Spring. There are many duties for the room parents and not all are listed here. The idea is that one parent be the contact and delegate and distribute all info to the other parents. We encourage ALL parents in a classroom to volunteer for something during the year. Your presence makes a HUGE impact on your child's education.

Room parents are a function of the school and thus should communicate directly with your student's teacher. However, the OHE PTA does have a room parent coordinator, who will supply much of the information you need this year. Email the room parent coordinator for more information.

The following files are for your reference:

  1. All volunteers must sign and agree to the following requirements: Volunteer Requirements
  2. Room Parent Responsibilities:
  3. Sample Letters: